We swear it’s not magic! 

 September 15, 2017

By  Michelle M. Pillow

Witch’s Brew Coffee Shop and Bakery

Part of Fooled Around and Spelled in Love by NY Times and USA TODAY Bestselling Author Michelle M. Pillow!

We at Witch’s Brew would like to assure all guests of the Cranberry Festival that nothing magical is happening at the coffee shop. It’s just a name. And Polly’s Perfectly Magical Mystical Wondrous World of Wonders in the back storage room is just a novelty store. The charms aren’t real (don’t touch the black onyx raven–no reason, just don’t). And those sparkles that sometimes shoot out of the kitchen are fireworks. Special indoor fireworks. We have a permit.

Be sure to order your copy of Fooled Around and Spelled in Love, part of The Happily Everlasting Series, a magical new book from NYT Bestseller Michelle M. Pillow.


Cozy Paranormal Romance


Amazon – http://amzn.to/2vH0pve
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Googleplay – https://goo.gl/GZ21jL

And be sure to check all the books in The Happily Everlasting Series!

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Once Hunted, Twice Shy by Mandy M. Roth
Fooled Around and Spelled in Love by Michelle M. Pillow
Witchful Thinking by Kristen Painter

Michelle M. Pillow

NYT & USA TODAY Bestselling Romance and Cozy Mystery Author

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